Petru Popescu was born in Bucharest, Romania at the end of World War II. Born to parents who worked in the arts, Petru would write his first published novel before his twenty-third birthday. In the 1970s, the young author was one of the most celebrated young authors of the day. His work was censored by the autocratic communist state.

By 1977, the author had had enough. Risking everything, Petru defected Ceausescu’s Romania, traveling and living in England and Australia before landing at the University of Iowa and then the Sudance Film School where he changed from a Romanian audience to a global English audience. The transition was not easy, but it enjoyed successes that included New York Times bestsellers, book tours, and crossovers into film and television.

The author lives in Los Angeles with his wife and family.


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  • Christopher Lee

    Nice to meet you both at the restaurant on Isle St. Louis in Paris and to discuss American heritage, your work, my music, Hollywood, etc. My French uncle also enjoyed the conversation.

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